Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where in the hell is Lisa??

I'm here!!  Lol.  So, if I thought I was busy before, my life just got even busier!  No, I'm not expecting!  I got a second part-time job, and I signed up for my first marathon.  Exciting things are happening, but unfortunately they haven't been jewelry related.  In fact, I haven't had time to even sit in my studio for the last 3 weeks!  It's all good though because other doors are opening for me.  Things may not always go the way we expect, but it doesn't always mean that's a bad thing.  I am working at the local running store, Running Zone.  I am already on their racing team, and, as one would expect, I spend a lot of time there, so when the opportunity arose for me to work there, it seemed like a great fit.  I really enjoy it!  I already know quite a bit about things running related, and I already know most of the customers, so it is a very comfortable fit.  A nice discount in the store and an extra paycheck aren't bad either! 

Unrelated to my new job, I had been planning on running my first marathon in November, so I finally made up my mind and registered for it.  It is the Space Coast Marathon on November 28.  I have been gradually increasing my mileage in preparation and am now running about 45 miles a week, and will probably keep increasing in the next few weeks.  Needless to say, I don't have free time for much else lately. 

I did have yesterday and today off, so I went in my studio to make some jewelry and realized it was a disaster area.  In fact, the entire upstairs was quite a mess.  I decided to go on a massive cleaning and re-organizing spree.  I completely rearranged my studio and the spare room connected to it, then proceeded to empty an entire dresser of clothes and go through 2 closets of clothes!  I ended up with 2 garbage bags of garbage and 5 garbage bags of stuff for Goodwill.  What a great feeling though!  And I have so much more room.  I will take photos of my studio to share soon, but I'm not quite finished yet. 

I have still been keeping up with everyone's blogs for the most part (although I am behind for this week already!), and I have enjoyed reading everyone's adventures at Beadfest in Philadelphia - even though I was very jealous!  I am already planning for making the trip next year so I can join in on the fun.  And saving up some bead shopping money! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and I hope to be back again soon to share some fun things that I won recently!!


kelleysbeads said...

Woo hoo for an extra paycheck, prepping for a marathon and ridding the house of 7 BAGS of shtuff! Go you!!!

Pretty Things said...

Congrats on preparing for your first marathon!!!!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Yea for you! I'm SO jealous...I've wanted to always wanted to run a marathon...but never had the guts to sign up and make the committment. Good luck with your training, I know it's hard work but the bragging rights are worth it!

Janet said...

Lisa you are such a healthy Inspiration to so many! You go girl!!

Erin said...

Yeah! Lisa! See you at Bead Fest next year! I missed out this year, too. :( It just looks like too much fun to miss, so I really want to go next year. We'll have to meet up! :)

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